HGU-56/P – Dual Visor for NVG


  • HGU-56/P - Dual Visor for NVG


The HGU-56/P is the most protective helicopter helmet ever made.
•  Best impact protection
•  Best lateral impact attenuation at earcups
•  Best protection against bird strikes
•  Excellent sound attenuation

The HGU-56/P is compact and light
•  Lighter than Alpha Eagle and SPH-5
•  Smaller than the Alpha Eagle

The HGU-56/P includes new features
•  New energy-absorbing liner
•  New articulating nape & chinstrap system
•  New comfort liner
•  Lighter weight
•  Improved comfort and stability
• Increased field of vision

More HGU-56/P are flying than any other helicopter helmet
•  Used by Army, Navy, USAF, USMC, Coast Guard, Government
•  Used by Air Medical, Law Enforcement, Commercial
•  Used by over 50 countries

Fully tested to Current Specifications
•  Qualification and periodic lot testing in AS9001C certified laboratory
•  Tested to current military specification FNS-PD 96-18
•  Impact tested at the hatband line
•  Impact tested at the earcup
•  Shell penetration tested
•  Helmet retention tested
•  Lenses optics and ballistics tested
•  Earcup sound attenuation tested

Quality Assurance System
•  Manufactured in Gentex’s ISO-9001 certified factory
•  On-premises Defense Logistics Agency oversight

Helps you do your job
•  Light Weight
•  Excellent peripheral vision
•  Low center of gravity
•  Exceptionally stable for NVG
•  Easily-adjustable, secure fitting
•  Six sizes fit 98% of aircrews

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