HGU-68/P Helmet Parts

In this page you’ll find Gentex manufactured and Gentex approved parts for the HGU-68/P fixed-wing helmet.

Gentex helmets and parts are manufactured in an ISO-9001 certified facility with full-time, on-site, Defense Logistics Agency oversight, and are tested in an AS9001C certified laboratory.

You can have confidence in Gentex helmets and parts.

  • MBU-12/P and MBU-20/P HGU-68/P Lenses
  • 600 Knot Visor
  • Lens Covers
  • Visor Hardware
  • Helmet Comfort Liners
  • Energy-absorbing Liners
  • Nape & Chin Retention Assembly Earcups
  • Ear Seals
  • Ear Seals covers
  • Leather Earpads
  • Jack Retainers
  • Cord Grommets
  • And other parts approved by Gentex Corporation

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HGU-68/P 600 Knot Visor HGU-68/P 600 Knot Visor

HGU-68/P Lenses - MBU-12/P Trim HGU-68/P Lenses - MBU-12/P Trim

HGU-68/P Lenses - MBU-20/P Trim HGU-68/P Lenses - MBU-20/P Trim

Lens Cover Lens Cover

Visor Hardware Visor Hardware

Helmet Liners Helmet Liners

Integrated Retention Integrated Retention

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Gentex Approved Parts

Parts manufactured by Gibson & Barnes or other companies and approved by Gentex Corporation.

Comfort Liners Comfort Liners

Leather Earpads Leather Earpads

Earcups Earcups

Earcup Earseals Earcup Earseals