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Gentex has manufactured flight helmets for over 65 years.  Gentex helmets are used by the entire U.S. Armed forces, by over 50 countries, and by countless Air Medical, Law Enforcement, and commercial helicopter crews. They are renowned for innovation, reliability, and quality assurance.

Gentex helmets are manufactured in a ISO-9001 certified factory and tested in an AS9001C certified laboratory under full-time, on-site, Defense Logistics Agency oversight.  You can have confidence in Gentex helicopter helmets.

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High Quality Leather Flight Jackets

Our selection of leather bomber jackets run the gamut from historical WW II designs, to law enforcement, airlines and motorcycle jackets in a variety of hides. Check out our leather flight jackets today.

The rarest and most beautiful original A-2 jackets were made from russet brown goatskin. While the Air Corps specified horsehide before World War II, contractors made a few A-2s from goatskin. Most are now in museums, amazingly, these original, 70-year old A-2s usually need only minor repairs because the leather is still in excellent condition with a warm, rich patina.

The Gibson & Barnes Mark 31 is a tribute to this rare, historical A-2. It is made from large, grade-A, vegetable-tanned goatskin that has been drum-dyed and pigmented the original Air Corps russet brown color. It is then lightly glazed. Goatskin is incredibly comfortable and light-weight, but also strong and tear-resistant. A-2s made from these hides have the same rich, warm look as the original goatskin jackets.

The Mark 31 A-2 also has the other features of the goatskin A-2s issued in the early 1930s, including a one-piece back, box-stitched shoulder straps, 1 3/8-inch wide storm flap, gracefully curved pocket flaps, and collar stand.

The pockets and collar are secured with size 4 black oxide nipple snaps and the neck with a nickel hook & eye. Under the storm flap, the jacket zips up with the required “interlocking fastening device”, now commonly known as a zipper.

The knit cuffs and waistband are comfortable and durable, made from pure worsted wool. Gibson & Barnes has even reproduced the original A-2 label design, complete with Air Corps contract number, and has marked the lining with the Air Corps insignia and authentic inspection stamp.

Material: Vegatable-tanned Goatskin
Color: Russet