Coil Cords

Coil Cords are strong, lightweight cords that extend to 6 feet.

Straight Cords

Straight Cords strong braided cords made in 6″, 36″, 48″ and 60″ standard lengths. You can also order cords in other custom lengths.

Six-Inch Helmet Cords with Extender Cords

Six-Inch cords install on your helmet and require an extender cord to make a complete communications cord. They allow you to unplug the six-inch cord and exit the aircraft wearing your helmet. They also allow quick-disconnect in an emergency, which is recommended by the NTSB.

CX-4708 Cords

CX-4708 Cords are used on helmets with an oxygen mask or respirator and can also be used on helmets with a boom microphone.

CX-4708 Helmet Cord with Extender Cord

Helmets with a CX-4708 cord require an extender cord when used with a respirator or boom microphone. The extender cord plugs into the CX-4708 earphone jack and into the microphone’s plug. It ends in the plug you select.