• Ops-Core Options

    Gibson & Barnes stocks Ops-Core headsets in popular colors and configurations. Optional colors and configurations are available on order with a lead time. Stock Color Black Optional Colors MultiCam Urban Gray Tan 499 Foliage Green

  • Kryo Cooling Garments

    Kryo Cooling Garments All Kryo Cooling Garments Cooling Features Scientifically engineered design 80 feet of tubing. More tubing = more cooling 8 water circuits. More circuits = better cooling Hi-performance tubing manifold protected by patent No. 9,399,149   Care Instructions Wash – Turn inside-out, machine wash gentle, detergent ok, no bleach. Dry – Lay flat […]

  • Kryo Ice Chillers

    Kryo Ice Chillers Choose the right Chiller for you Kryo cooling systems keep you cool until the ice in the chiller melts and the water warms. If you replenish the ice, Kryo cooling systems can cool you indefinitely. Kryo Chiller Size, Weight, and Performance   Choose Chiller Size 19-Quart Chiller- Best choice for most applications […]

  • Stripes

    Stripe Patterns Stripe Locations Stripe Colors    Reflective Silver Reflective White 030 Black 029 White 015 Gray 370 Navy Blue 353 Century Blue 352 Electric Blue 470 Regal Purple 660 Yellow Gold 675 Gold 750 Orange 250 Red 277 Burgundy

  • Resolute Fabrics

    RESOLUTE® 7.5 Ounce Uniform Fabric Gibson & Barnes RESOLUTE® uniform fabric is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% long-staple cotton fibers.  Cotton fiber keeps you cool and polyester fiber keeps your uniform neat and crisp. Color Chart Black Dark Gray Navy Blue – Dark Navy Blue – Medium Royal Blue Khaki Orange Burgundy Forest […]