Kryo Ice Chillers

Choose the right Chiller for you

Kryo cooling systems keep you cool until the ice in the chiller melts and the water warms. If you replenish the ice, Kryo cooling systems can cool you indefinitely.

Kryo Chiller Size, Weight, and Performance


Choose Chiller Size

19-Quart Chiller- Best choice for most applications

  • Excellent combination of size, weight and cooling time
  • 85% of our installations use the 19-quart chiller

13-Quart Chiller- Good choice when space is limited

  • Small and light weight
  • Good choice when space is limited, weight is critical, or cooling time is short

30-Quart Chiller- Good choice when a longer time is needed

  • Will cool one user for an entire day
  • Good choice for industrial or rehabilitation use