Sentinel Shirts

Sentinel Shirts are made with the features of the military CWU-27/P flight suit.  They zip up the front and have zippered chest pockets, a zippered sleeve pocket with pencil pocket, and hook & loop sleeve tabs.

Tucked-In shirts are standard and worn tucked inside your pants, but if you prefer to wear it outside your pants there is an untucked option.

Many options are available, including pockets, stripes, name tags, and embroidered names and logos.

We manufacture Sentinel Shirts from flame-resistant genuine DuPont™ Nomex® fabric or comfortable polyester/cotton twill. Choose from a variety of colors.

Sizes include men’s and women’s standard sizes.

2 Zipper chest pockets
1 Zipper sleeve pocket
Front zipper
Pleated action back
Hook & loop sleeve tabs
Hook & loop for name tag

Use this form to place an order or request a quote. Please call us if you need more information.

Sentinel Shirts Sentinel Shirts

Sentinel Shirt, Men, Standard Sizes Sentinel Shirt, Men, Standard Sizes

Sentinel Shirt, Women, Standard Sizes Sentinel Shirt, Women, Standard Sizes

Sentinel Shirt, Made-to-Measure Sentinel Shirt, Made-to-Measure

Style Style

Chest Pockets Chest Pockets

Sleeve Pocket Sleeve Pocket

Extra Pencil Pocket Extra Pencil Pocket

Communications Communications

Epaulets Epaulets

Nametag Velcro Nametag Velcro

Nametags attach with Velcro. Please use our Nametag Designer to order your leather or embroidered nametags.

US Flag US Flag

Stripes Stripes

Stripes help identify you and your organization. Several popular stripe designs and colors are listed below, but many more are available. Select one-stripe or two-stripes to see stripe locations.
*Please select your stripes location to get a price.

Stripe Location – One Stripe Stripe Location – One Stripe

Select at least one location for your stripes.

Stripe Location – Two Stripes Stripe Location – Two Stripes

Select at least one location for your stripes.

Embroidered Names Embroidered Names

Your name or title embroidered on fabric strips and sewn above the chest pockets. Twenty-two letters maximum.

Embroidered Logos & Designs Embroidered Logos & Designs

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