HGU-84/P – Single EEK Visor

The HGU-84 helicopter helmet was developed by Gentex for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Its rigid Graphlon® composite shell is pressure-molded laminated graphite and ballistic nylon. It is a lightweight, low profile, compact design. The HGU-84’s frontal opening is cut back for maximum peripheral vision. Its genuine sheepskin edgeroll covers a soft foam core around the entire edge of the shell. The lightweight, tapered earcups, cushioned earseals, and spacer pads provide excellent sound attenuation.

Stable and Comfortable
• Three sizes for a perfect fit
• Adjustable nape strap tension for improved stability
• Adjustable earcup fitting for better sound attenuation
• Lever actuators raise and lower lenses
• Anti-microbial inner comfort liner

Choose from a large selection of microphones, earphones, CEP, ANR, Lightspeed ANR, cords, accessories, paint, and art.


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Helmet Helmet

Paint & Art Paint & Art

The paint fee for helmets is non-refundable on exchanges and returns.

Visor Lenses Visor Lenses

Your helmet includes a dark lens. You may choose additional lenses.

Comfort Liner Comfort Liner

Your helmet includes a Super Comfort Liner (SCL) or an X-Liner.

Additional Comfort Liner Additional Comfort Liner

You may add an additional comfort liner. Choose the thickness of your preference

Helmet Options Helmet Options

Microphone Microphone

CEP Mini Complete System CEP Mini Complete System

A CEP Complete System include the CEP communications earplugs, the interface that mounts on the helmet, and two pairs of ear tips (one standard and one slim).
CEP Mini is shorter and thinner, providing a more comfortable fit.

Earphones & Hearing Earphones & Hearing

Volume Control Volume Control

Helmet Cords for Earphones Helmet Cords for Earphones

Helmet Cords for ANR with Battery Box Helmet Cords for ANR with Battery Box

Helmet Cords for Lightspeed Helmet Cords for Lightspeed

Earseals for Earphones Earseals for Earphones

Earseals for ANR Earseals for ANR

Earseals for Lightspeed Earseals for Lightspeed

Earcup Options Earcup Options

Microphone Boom Lip Light Microphone Boom Lip Light

With dimmable LED lights, 3 green and 1 white

Microphone Boom Lip Light - IB Microphone Boom Lip Light - IB

With dimmable LED lights, 3 green flood lights and 1 white spot light

Absorbent Cotton Skull Caps Absorbent Cotton Skull Caps

One White cotton Skull Cap is included with each helmet

Helmet Bag Helmet Bag

Paint & Art

Size Guide



Helmet Energy-Absorbing Liner Comparison.pdf

Helmet Size & Weight Comparison.pdf