Anti-Laser Dazzle Helmet Lenses

Gentex laser dazzle lenses help protect against the increasing threat of laser strikes during critical phases of flight, especially at low-altitude or while landing.  Lasers can strike the windscreen and create a dazzle effect that makes it difficult for the crew to see.  Crew using dazzle protective lenses can easily maintain flight and personal safety during lasing incidents.

Laser dazzle lenses use optical dyes and lens coatings shield the user from hazardous reflected or scattered laser light.

The lenses provide maximum protection in the green part of the visible spectrum, which is the most reported color in laser strike reports.  The day visor also adds protection against red and blue.  The night visor adds protection against blue.

Color spectrum protection:
Day:   Green, Blue, and Red
Night: Green and Blue

CAUTION:  Gentex Dazzle Day products are designed to provide protection against Blue (445 nm), Green (532 nm), and Red (635 nm) laser wavelengths at low energy levels.  Use of Dazzle Day products at other wavelengths or higher energy levels could result in serious injury.

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Alpha Eagle Dual Visor Anti-Laser Dazzle Lenses Alpha Eagle Dual Visor Anti-Laser Dazzle Lenses