MBU-20A/P Oxygen Mask & Parts

The MBU-20A/P has the following key features:

Minimized Breathing Resistance and Improved Endurance: Separate inhalation and exhalation valves minimize breathing resistance and a special reflective edge provides optimal Positive Pressure Breathing (PPB) sealing to reduce pilot fatigue for improved mission endurance.

+600 kt. Windblast and other Advanced Injury Protection: The MBU-20A/P provides +600 kt Windblast and rapid decompression protection in a lightweight, low profile design. Silicone rubber cheek flaps and a chin cup offer additional injury protection during high-speed or high-altitude ejection.

Improved Downward Vision and High G Stability: The shape of the mask provides excellent downward vision. The lower profile design brings the mask even closer to the face and provides excellent stability during high G maneuvers.

Optimal Comfort and Fit: Five mask sizes are available to assure proper fit and comfort. This increases the range of fitting to the 97th percentile male down to the 3% female pilot.

3-PIN or Quick Disconnect: Two Oxygen Mask connectors are available; 3-PIN twist lock or Quick Disconnect. Choose 3-PIN twist lock (standard) if you are going to use a CRU-60 adapter with an emergency oxygen bottle. Add a Quick Disconnect fitting if you are connecting directly with the aircraft. (Please Call)

CX-4707 Cord: This configuration of the mask is used if you have a CX-4708 helmet cord installed on your helmet. The CX-4707 Cord is a communications cord that spirals down the mask and carries both the microphone and earphone circuits. This cord ends with a U-174 plug that you plug into your aircraft. It is designed to plug in next to your oxygen hose.

General Aviation Two Plugs: You may need an adapter cord that converts the U-174 single plug to the P-5568 two plug system if your aircraft has been converted to two communication jacks.

PA-12 Amplifier: You will need to order a PA-12 Amplifier if you are going to use the mask with a civilian VHF radio.

Please note: The MBU-20A/P is used with pressure demand oxygen systems not constant flow oxygen systems found in general aviation cabin aircraft.

MBU-20A/P Oxygen Masks

MBU-20A/P with CX-4707 Cord MBU-20A/P with CX-4707 Cord

MBU-20A/P with PA-101 Amplifier Cord MBU-20A/P with PA-101 Amplifier Cord

CRU-60 CRU-60

Oxygen Mask Bag Oxygen Mask Bag

MBU-20A/P Refurbishment

Refurbish MBU-20A/P Refurbish MBU-20A/P

An oxygen mask technician will inspect your mask and recommend parts needing replacement. After receiving your approval, your mask will be disassembled, cleaned, new parts installed, and reassembled.

MBU-20A/P Parts

Facepiece Assembly & Dust Cover Facepiece Assembly & Dust Cover

Straps & Buckles Straps & Buckles

Valve Assembly Valve Assembly

Installing MBU-20A/P Valve requires a specialized Gentex tool.

Hose & Fittings Hose & Fittings

Installing MBU-20A/P Hose and Hose Clamps requires a specialized Gentex tool.

Hose Connectors Hose Connectors

Installing MBU-20A/P 3-Pin and 2-Pin Hose Connectors requires a specialized Gentex tool.

Microphone Assembly Microphone Assembly

Communications Cords Communications Cords

Bayonets & Receivers Bayonets & Receivers