Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vest

Kryo’s Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vest is flame-resistant, and with its smooth front zipper, is easy to put on and take off.

Made from a single layer of comfortable, flame-resistant, hi-tech blend of 70% Modacrylic, 23% Tencel, and 7% Lycra knit, the fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial.  You will wear the vest with the  smooth, comfortable fabric next to your skin, or over a shirt, with the tubing on the outside.  Its four-way stretch knit gently hugs the tubing close to your body to keep you cool.

Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vests have over 80 feet of tubing to provide great cooling.  They connect to Backpack Ice Chillers with industrial strength LinkTech couplings.  They are a patented, push together, push button disconnect, and for emergency egress, can be pulled apart individually.

Zip-up Cooling Vests are available in 7 sizes for a perfect fit.

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Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vest Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vest

Backpack Ice Zip-up Cooling Vests are compatible with Backpack Ice Chillers. Water hoses are not required.


Flame-resistant Features
●  Flame-resistant modacrylic fabric
●  Flame-resistant self-extinguishing tubing

Cooling Features
●  Scientifically engineered design concentrates cooling on body core
●  Kryo Ice systems have 80 feet of water tubing.  More tubing equals more cooling
●  8 water circuits.  More circuits equal more even cooling
●  Hi-performance flexible tubing manifold provides more water flow and less pressure drop
●  Manifold awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,399,149 “Flexible Fitting for Heat Exchanging Garments.”

Comfort Features
●  Soft, smooth, comfortable stretch knit modacrylic fabric
●  Superior moisture-wicking
●  Anti-microbial protection kills microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew

LinkTech Couplings
●  Industrial quality, patented, secure breakaway connector
●  Push together connection, push thumb latch to disconnect
●  For emergency egress, pull apart individually
●  Acetal (POM) body, latch, and valves
●  Stainless steel valve and latch springs
●  Buna-N O-rings

Garment Care
●  Wash: Turn inside-out, machine wash gentle, detergent ok, no bleach.
●  Dry:     Lay flat to dry. Do not machine dry.

Kryo Cools Better

Engineering – Kryo cooling garments are engineered to provide the best combination of effective cooling and comfort. They have been extensively tested in our heat test chamber using a heated sweating mannequin that simulates the human body under heat stress.

Tubing Pattern – Kryo’s tubing pattern concentrates the tubing on the front and back of your body core to maximize your cooling. The tubing is spaced so that the cooling effect is distributed evenly over your entire body core.

More Tubing– Kryo averages 80 feet of water tubing, double the amount used by some manufacturers. More tubing means more cooling.

More Circuits – Kryo uses eight water circuits, twice as many as some manufacturers. Eight circuits distribute the cooling water more evenly and send it back to the chiller as soon as it has absorbed your body heat.

Hi-tech Manifolds – Kryo gathers the tubing into a high-performance flexible manifold that has a lower water pressure drop and 10% more water flow than other manifold designs. It is so innovative that it is protected by Patent No. 9,399,149 “Flexible Fitting for Heat Exchanging Garments:”

Innovative Tubing – Kryo’s matte-finish tubing is fire-retardant and self-extinguishing. The tubing is 0.096″ ID and 0.156″ OD, the exact dimensions identified by researchers as the best combination of cooling effect and comfort.

Dry Release – Water hose couplings are dry release. The flow of water stops when they are disconnected.

Quick Release – Hose couplings are emergency release. They should automatically release when you pull on them one-by-one. They may not automatically release if you pull on two couplings at the same time.