Basic Ice Water Hoses

Basic Ice Water Hoses connect Basic Ice Cooling Garments to Kryo Ice Chillers.

Basic Ice Water Hoses  connect to cooling garments and water hoses with industrial strength LinkTech® couplings.  The couplings are a patented, push together, push button disconnect, and can be pulled apart individually in an emergency.

Kryo Ice Chillers can cool one or two people.  A one-person hose connects one person to to the ice chiller. A two-person hose connects two people to the ice chiller.

Basic Ice Water Hoses are available in 6, 8, 12, 20, 30, 40 and 50-foot lengths. If you will be near the chiller, you can probably use a 6 or 8-foot hose.  If you think you need a hose longer than 20 feet, please call us to discuss your application.

You can easily shorten a water hose. See “How to Shorten a Water Hose” in the Download tab.

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Basic Ice Water Hoses Basic Ice Water Hoses

Basic Ice Water Hoses are compatible with Basic Ice Cooling Garments and Kryo Ice Chillers.