Power Sources & Accessories

Electrical Overview
Kryo ice chillers require a 12-volt power source. Other devices are optional. Kryo power components plug into each other using 2.1mm X 5.5mm plugs and jacks. The plugs and jacks lock together so they do not accidentally disconnect.

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Kryo Power Sources Kryo Power Sources

Kryo Power Accessories Kryo Power Accessories

Power Sources

Kryo Ice Chiller Electrical
The chiller operates on 12 V DC power and draws approximately 1.5 amps. It has a 6″ electrical power cable ending in a locking female jack to accept a power source.

Kryo Power Sources
All power sources end in a male plug that can be plugged into the chiller, an on-off switch, or into an extension cable.

Kryo Battery
The 8.3 amp-hour battery will run the chiller for approximately 7 hours.

It has a switch that turns the chiller on and off and 4 LEDs that indicate the charge remaining.

It includes a 110-volt AC charger and 2X4-inch Velcro hook-and-loop to attach the battery to the chiller cover or another flat surface.

The battery connects to the chiller with a locking male plug.

Kryo AC Power Adapter
The AC power adapter plugs into a standard 110-volt U.S. electrical outlet. It can use 110-240 volt, 50 or 60 Hz AC input power.

It is 3 feet long and connects to the chiller with a non-locking male plug. Although the male plug is non­locking it can be used with Kryo locking jacks and does not require an adapter.

Kryo Power Outlet Adapter
The vehicle power outlet adapter plugs into a standard 12-volt DC automotive power outlet or cigarette lighter outlet.

It is 3 feet long and connects to the chiller with a locking male plug.

On-Off Switch

Kryo On-Off Switch
When you plug the power source directly into the chiller, the chiller will begin to pump water at the maximum flow rate.

An on-off switch turns the chiller pump on and off. It can also be used to turn off the chiller if you feel too cold.

The on-off switch is a 14-inch cable with rocker switch. One end has a locking female jack and the other end has a locking male plug.


Kryo Extensions & Adapters

Kryo Extension Cables
Power extension cables allow you to place the chiller in a convenient location and run the power cable to a battery or power source some distance from the chiller. For example, you can place the chiller behind your seat and run an extension cable to the front seat where it will connect to a power source such as a battery.

Since long wire runs decrease the power available to the chiller, you should avoid power cable runs of more than 12 feet.

Extension cables are available in 3, 6, and 9-foot lengths. They have a locking male plug on one end and a locking female jack on the other end.

Kryo Non-Locking to Locking Adapter
The non-locking to locking adapter allows you to adapt a cable with a non-locking plug to a locking plug that can then be plugged into standard Kryo electrical components. Most Kryo users do not need this adapter.