SPH-5 – Single Visor

The SPH-5 is widely used in Air Medical, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Aviation. It is the latest, and best, version of the SPH series of helicopter helmets that have been used by helicopter crews for over 50 years.

The SPH-5® single-visor helicopter helmet includes a single dark lens.  Its standard color is white and it is available in optional paint colors and art.

Gentex manufactures the SPH-5 in two versions, Commercial and Coast Guard.  The Commercial SPH-5 is manufactured under product specification PS-0058 and the Coast Guard SPH-5 under PS-0028.  The two helmets are identical except for the paint color.

SPH helmets, including the SPH-4B and SPH-5, are manufactured only by Gentex.

Gentex’s SPH-5 is approved by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Office of Aviation Services, and the United States Forest Service for use in helicopters.



  • SPH-5 - Single Visor


SPH-5 features help you do your job
•  Compact size
•  Low center of gravity
•  Wide field of vision
•  Stable NVG platform
•  Wide range of sizes
•  Easy to put on and adjust
•  Comfortable
•  Strong and durable

SPH-5 Options
•  Full line of communications
•  Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
•  Communications Ear Plug (CEP)
•  Maxillofacial Shield
•  Laser Anti-Dazzle Lenses
•  Paint and Artwork

SPH-5 Testing
•  Tested to current SPH-5 specification PS-0058
•  Impact tested at high and low temperatures on flat and
hemispherical anvils
•  Chinstrap and Retention tested
•  Sound attenuation tested
•  Lens optics and ballistics tested

SPH-5 Quality Assurance
•  Manufactured in Gentex’s ISO-9001 certified factory
•  On-premises Defense Logistics Agency oversight

Gentex’s SPH series of helmets has a long history with over 200,000 manufactured.  Versions of the SPH helmet include the SPH-3, SPH-4®, SPH-4B, and finally the SPH-5®.  The helmet has been improved many times:
•  The energy-absorbing liner is thicker
•  The nape strap is wider and more comfortable
•  A super comfort liner has replaced the sling suspension
•  A reinforced yoke replaced the chinstrap with snaps on each end
•  Energy-absorbing crushable earcups replaced the rigid and semi-
crushable earcups

Helmet Size Guide

Other Specifications

SPH Helmet Copies

The look, shape, and design of Gentex’s SPH series of helicopter helmets are frequently copied.  The copies, sold under various trade names, look a great deal like genuine SPH helmets, but often contain parts not made according to current specification drawings for the SPH-4B (PS-0020) or the SPH-5 (PS-0028 or PS-0058).

Genuine Gentex SPH-5 commercial helicopter helmets are made according to the latest revision to SPH-5 specification, PS-0058.  They are manufactured in Gentex’s ISO-9001 qualified factory with Defense Logistics Agency oversight, and tested in an AS-9000C certified laboratory.


Other Specifications

MIL-H-43925D is an inactive SPH-4B military specification introduced in 1988 and declared inactive by the Department of Defense in 2000.  It has been replaced by SPH-4B specification PS-0020, which has more protective impact requirements and additional requirements for lateral earcup impact and shell penetration.

ANSI Z90.1 is an American National Standard for Motor Vehicular Users Protective Headwear.  It was issued in 1971 but is no longer an active ANSI standard.  Since it is a motor vehicle helmet standard, it does not include all the requirements and tests to which helicopter helmets are subjected. Military specifications often refer to ANSI Z90.1 is used to describe test procedures. Current helicopter helmets, such as the HGU-56/P and SPH-5 are more protective than required by ANSI Z90.1.

MIL-DTL-87174A is the military specification for the Air Force’s HGU-55/P fixed-wing helmet.  The specification is current, but it does not require the level of protection needed for helicopter helmets.